We support governments, non-profits and the private sector to identify and deliver development and humanitarian programs with pace, certainty and strategic agility.

Our role is to give a hand, to generate knowledge, and to create linkages that promote learning and innovation. We work with organizations to translate innovative healthcare and social policy ideas, whether small or grand, whether local or global, into life changing initiatives. We want to inspire and let ourselves be inspired.

You are welcome to tap into the spirit of service that unites our community – to improve the reach and quality of healthcare and social protection programs in Africa

"We do our best because we are counting on you counting on us."





We are good at generating evidence on diverse subjects that lead to important decisions. Our studies allow us to test what works about public policies and programs, and to generate insights, and observations that would be useful for improving the delivery of programs. Our methods include participatory assessments, spatial analysis, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, comparative (quasi-experimental) studies, and sophisticated modelling and simulations.

Our teams capture and leverage high-quality data, both structured and unstructured, using complex surveys, administrative data, social media, the “Internet of Things,” sensor information and more. We assist clients to collect, analyse and transform data into actionable insights and data-driven decision-making.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

We are good at tracking and managing results for development and humanitarian programs. We have lost of experience in designing M&E systems, and in leading independent evaluations in diverse environments and sectors. We apply both quantitative and qualitative methods in gathering critical performance data through cross-sectional, or longitudinal studies which can either be experimental or quasi experimental. We help to propagate learning and knowledge based on evidence gathered during these evaluations. Most importantly we actively engage in discourse that improve the practice of Monitoring and Evaluation.

Specifically, we support our partners to strengthen routine monitoring, conduct independent external evaluations, developing M&E Information Systems/Data management, and with Third Party Monitoring. We have extensive experience incorporating MEL throughout program cycles and we promote the use of Collaborative, Learning, and Adaptive (CLA) approaches. We support the design of programs that reflect the complexities of the environments in which they are to be implemented – whether that would be refugee camp, conflict zone, underserved rural/urban community, or a humanitarian situation.

Innovations in Global Health and Social Protection

Innovations in Global Health and Social Protection

We create platforms where Health and Social Policy professionals shape trends by exchanging knowledge to produce social value. As East Africa’s largest platform for structured Global health and Social Protection discourse, our innovation hub helps Sector practitioners and communities to freely connect, share knowledge, advance innovations and share great ideas in a formal space.

Innovators at the Hub will challenge you to stretch your thinking boundaries. Featured speakers are crowdsourcing humanitarian response, driving policy and using innovative technology to drive health and social service delivery. They are building medical devices out of broken toys and using boats, motorcycles, and mobile phones to care for people. They are developing simulation models and creating platforms for better management of data. They are using film and photography to change mindsets, visualizing data to make people pay attention, and sharing their ideas, and designs to achieve great milestones in human development.



We produce creative content in print and online, which amplify key development related messages and we do this with an eye for creative details and a focus on positioning and disseminating content to targeted, relevant audiences.

We create and develop knowledge materials, workshops, training, and innovation processes aimed at educating and empowering young people to take action. We produce content, design processes, create innovation programs, and communicate insights to advance knowledge and awareness about issues related to global development and sustainability.

We design, plan, and execute events, convenings, and conferences that engage diverse stakeholders across the global challenges such as poverty, health, social policy, inequality and climate change. We work with partners to convene individuals and organizations from across the globe to collaborate on pressing issues

Capacity Development

Capacity Development

CHASP Learning Centre has been growing, innovating,discovering, launching and improving Carriers of some of the most accomplished and influential women and men in the Health and Social Policy Sectors in Eastern Africa. Today we stand among a select group of organizations providing tailor made learning through fieldwork, networking and engagement with some of the best innovative programs in the region.

An outstanding feature of our courses is the integration of Workshop type training, research, and field experience. Our skills-based curriculum, practicum program, and extensive community-based service programs position learners for better careers in research, industry, government, and academia. We are soon to introduce an interactive e-learning option to cater for individuals with demanding work schedules.

Design & Strategy

Design & Strategy

We work with our clients to help them clarify and articulate the logic that underpins their programming and operations, as the foundation for effective intervention. We then help devise appropriate strategies and activities to achieve these goals in unstable settings.

CHASP advocates a cyclical (as opposed to linear) design-evaluate-redesign approach through which it is continually necessary to test the Theories of Change and underlying assumptions based upon a constantly developing understanding of context. Implementers must be prepared for interventions to perform unexpectedly, and be ready to adapt.

Some Fun Facts

Assignments undertaken over the last 3 years
Active assignments in Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia & Namibia
Countries covered - in Sub - saharan Africa
Expert Consulting Fellows with diverse skills



The ushering in of the devolved system of governance, enshrinement of health rights in the constitution and reforms in public management financing offer significant opportunities for the development and improvement of the

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Our Team

Mueni Mwando

Position: Digital Marketing - Strategy
Email: mueni@chasp.co.ke

Mueni Mwando communicates our interests, intentions, visions and gathered information. She is a communications associate with knowledge in creating content and social media management. She is pursuing a degree in electronic media at Daystar University.

She has interned under Royal Media Services for six months. She has also worked in collaboration with Viu Sasa to create a show called the Spice. Before she worked at CHASP she was a Marketing associate for Hot Shop.

Her areas of expertise include photography, social media management and curating content

Mueni Mwando

Digital Marketing - Strategy

Mueni Mwando communicates our interests, intentions, visions and gathered information....

Omondi Otieno

Position: Managing Director
Email: omondi@chasp.co.ke

Omondi Otieno is responsible for leading CHASP’s global strategy. He dedicates his time to industry innovation and establishing new business lines under the CHASP Advisory group.

He is a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with over 15 years’ experience in managing diverse Public Health, Social Protection and Livelihood Programs in Rural and Humanitarian environments of the Horn of Africa. He has a deep practical understanding of the policy space in the sectors of health and social policy within most countries in Sub-saharan Africa and is known to be a thought leader on Social Protection, and on Healthcare Systems – areas in which he has extensively published reviewed articles, research papers, and implementation guidelines and tools. He continues to actively engage in generating knowledge that shapes development discourse in the region.


Prior to founding CHASP, Omondi worked for various non-profits in the Horn of Africa region, and independently consulted for various organizations including, Unicef, WFP, Oxfam, Save the Children, Action Against Hunger, Hivos, International Rescue Committee, Glaxosmithkline, Medecins du Monde, Cardno East Africa, and the Danish Refugee Council, amongst many others.  He also worked as an Adjunct Faculty at the College of Liberal Arts of De La Salle University (Phillipines).

He holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies (Public Health) from Makerere University -Uganda, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Organizational Development from Henrich Heine University – Germany, and a Master of Public Health (Health Systems and Informatics) from the University of Western Cape – South Africa. He is in the process of finalizing a PhD in Development Economics from Makerere University – Uganda.



– Monitoring, Evaluation and Results Based Management

-Development and Humanitarian programming, design, implementation and review

-Strategic Planning, and Organizational Learning

-Social Protection Systems and Cash programming

-Healthcare Systems Diagnosis and Strengthening

-Development and Humanitarian Research

-Coalition building, advocacy, networking and sector Learning

Omondi Otieno

Managing Director

Omondi Otieno is responsible for leading CHASP’s global strategy. He...

Josephat Moses

Position: Practice Manager - Social Policy
Email: josephat@chasp.co.ke

Josephat Moses is the Practice Manager of Capacities for Health and Social Policy- CHASP Advisory, a vibrant consultancy firm that supports governments, non-profits and private sectors to identify and deliver development and humanitarian programs with pace, certainty and strategic agility.

Josephat is a pragmatic person that is dedicated to initiating and driving change in African Communities by initiating programs that responds to people’s needs and rally relevant expertise to deliver the promise. He is extensively involved in educating; sensitizing and motivating the citizenry take personal responsibility in driving change across Africa from an informed point of view (through empirical research and social innovation). Josephat is the Founding Chairman of a progressive and fast growing International Volunteers Society in Africa (CAVAFRICA): a movement that promotes Peace, Sustainable Development and African Unity through volunteerism. In addition, he is a believer of evidential approach to solution of challenges that communities experience.

Before joining CHASP Advisory, Josephat served as the Program Director for Center for Africa Volunteers. During this period, he trained and mobilized Volunteers from 18 African Countries and helped them initiate projects that respond to their needs and their communities. He also developed an award winning program dubbed CAVTRAIN that enable volunteers run projects independently. To help community organizations overcome dependence on donor funding, Josephat developed Crowd-Funding models that are enabling community organizations raise funds to support their projects. To date, Josephat is still the lead consultant for CAVAFRICA.

Prior to initiating and founding CAVAFRICA, Josephat worked with Child Aid Organization Kenya-CAOK as the Program Officer. He led research in Nairobi Slums in collaboration with Research Institutive of South Africa. He also supervised the implementation of Child Sexual Violence in Intervention Plan in Nairobi. Further, in partnership with Walk Free, a Norway based organization; Josephat led a campaign against Child Trafficking and “Stop Child Sex Tourism” along the Kenyan Coast. During this period (2013-2014), Josephat conducted community sensitization forums on Modern Day Slavery with the sole purpose of creating awareness and awakening communities to take preventive action.

Josephat is a Liberal Christian and a Father of Two (Farrakhan and Lakeisha) and married to Maurine.


-Project planning

-Project implementation and review

-Monitoring and Evaluation

Josephat Moses

Practice Manager - Social Policy

Josephat Moses is the Practice Manager of Capacities for Health...

Peter Kangacha

Position: Consulting Fellow – Sustainable Livelihoods
Email: kangacha@chasp.co.ke

Peter is an economist, researcher and a career Agricultural Development Professional biased towards enhancement of improved trade and policy engagements across private and public sectors in a host of commodity value chains including coffee, horticulture, pulses and dairy. To date, he has been engaged directly in management/implementation or supervised assignments largely on Baseline Surveys, Project Feasibility, Value Chain Action planning, Market surveys, New Markets Development and Periodical Evaluations for different clients that he worked for or consulted. He has extensive experiential capacity in design/formulation, implementation and measurement of change of value chain – based programmes and projects. Partnership management, social inclusion of actors in supply chains, B2B engagements and coordination gives him energy and pleasure to undertake, with a soft spot for gender inclusivity and participation of women, youth and marginalised groups in realising development objectives in public private partnership models.

To date, he has worked in enhancing value chain development, participatory trade and market systems development as well as program design, implementation and measurement of change for programmes under the funding of World Bank, USAID, UKAID, Comic Relief and Big lottery of the United Kingdom. Over the last 12 years, he has built a reputable profile of reliable, resolute and focused development professional overseeing design, funding and subsequent implementation of development programmes with broad portfolios from market interventions, advocacy and enterprise development to livelihoods and resilience approaches with quantifiable achievements. All these programme areas he worked in have had exposure to a host of partnership development needs which he handled professionally with demonstrable success. He has been able to accomplish this through taking initiative to learn and strategically taking advantage of capacities within people he managed as well as peers for results focused programme management. He is a reliable team member with strong interpersonal skills and extensive experience as a leader and member of remote teams; a good communicator and highly numerate.

Peter Kangacha

Consulting Fellow – Sustainable Livelihoods

Peter is an economist, researcher and a career Agricultural Development...


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